On Angels & Miracles; A Beach Story

Written Feb 26,2022


This morning we went to the beach early.

Like, sweatshirts and coats early.

My son was cold and I needed exercise so I got up and started running, playing with the dog and my son got off the chair and followed.

We were laughing and running around the empty beach and he said he wanted to go, so we started walking back toward our chairs.

He said, “Mom, did you say earlier that you’d seen a whole conch shell?” He’s been on the lookout for a conch shell.

“No, I said I saw a big whole grey shell.” (The kind that looks like a fan.) But I didn’t pick it up because he doesn’t care about whole shells like that.

“Oh,” he said, and then the dog started darting down the beach acting SUPER ODD. She doesn’t stray from us, but she was going at least 75 yards and then turning around and doing the same thing in the other direction, super fast like a greyhound, nonstop.

We stood and laughed and my son said, “WHAT?! What is she doing!?” And I felt the feeling of the animal showing us something, the animal being aware of something we weren’t aware of, and I encouraged him to stand, watch her, and wait. We stood facing the dog and the water where she charged back and forth at the shoreline.

When we turned around to get our chairs, there was a grey & white conch ON HIS CHAIR. 🐶🐚✨

“What!?! Did you do this?!” he exclaimed.

No, of course I hadn’t.

“No,” I said laughing.

“HOW?!” he demanded, totally elated. “HOW!?”

“Who knows!” I said.

A gift.

That was clear.

A miracle, even.

He said, “Honestly I don’t feel like this can be real right now.”

Tears naturally came to my eyes. If there is a distinct feeling of angels nearby, I felt it then.

Maybe someone we didn’t see walking by gifted my son what he wanted all week.

Or, maybe…. miracles are real.

What do you think, are miracles real? 😉🌟🌊

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