PART 1: Update – I got a job & moved to community.

Last year, I started to dream about living in a community with my son. I had dabbled in sharing land with other mothers during the beginning of the pandemic, and I liked the idea of groups of intentional people coming together around a purpose or cause. 

I am very much an introvert, and I actually have very little patience for long, winding conversations about ideals. I prefer setting conscious intention and then trusting that my/our actions and the Creator are co-creating according to that intention. So I didn’t want to live in an ideological or unspecified “intentional community,” because I thought it would drive me nuts. 

So after a breakup last year, I’d had it. I called a friend who was well connected and told her what I was looking for. “I want to live in community. I want to work with good people toward a common goal. I want to raise Rowan among other people and not be so damn isolated. This solo path is exhausting.” 

I spoke it. 

She introduced me to some people the following weekend and I felt a connection to that land. I hoped that it might work out, but long story short, that wasn’t the place. 

The year went on and one day, an old friend asked me for a session that I’d offered her over a year prior. When I read the email, I got full body chills. That, to me, is a sign that something sacred is at play. For weeks or even months, I didn’t know what that sacred thing was. 

We did the session and she saw and experienced my wisdom and skill at coaching and energy work. She had known me for a long time, but she was surprised by how far I’d come. She knew me when I was a school principal. Now, I am a woman who has been walking my soul path, clearing my trauma on all levels, honing my energy, and living in union with Spirit for many years. To say the least, I’m different than I used to be! 

She had been advising a local man who wanted to bring a big vision through. He was at an age appropriate for retiring, but he had one last major, albeit ideal, project he wanted to complete. She introduced me to him and he said that the conversation we had over tea was one of the most interesting conversations he’d had in a long time. 

What did we talk about? The Regenerative Feminine, applying concepts of resource sustainability and regeneration to women, the Heartland, the things I’d been channeling for the past three years connected to my ancestral connection to this region, and more. 

I started working with him. I took a job – at first a few hours a week, then up to a half time salary. After five years of entrepreneurship, I began investing my life force and energy into the community that he has built and wants to build. This has been a huge adjustment, and honestly, necessary. On a sovereignty path, it’s easier to be fully sovereign on your own. But the real work is in relationships, which this situation is teaching me in real time. 

As I visited this piece of land, thirty minutes south of Asheville where I’ve lived for many years, the Regenerative energies were immediately clear. In one of my first encounters with this land, in a vision she showed me “entangling” with her like in the movie Avatar when they’re about to ride those winged creatures and their hair intertwines. It was magical. 

My journey of becoming sovereign in my feminine resources, of clearing the shadow masculine & feminine from my own life, of knowing my value and worth, and the journey I’ve been walking since 2020 of the Heartland – the place beyond power and domination, the place of the Regenerative Feminine – has been long! In February of this year, a book proposal for Heartland received an Honorable Mention from HayHouse – the biggest publisher of spiritual books on the planet. Everything felt like it was getting closer to coming to fruition. This land seemed to tell me that there was nothing left to worry about. This land seemed to welcome me into a new kind of frequency. 

The process of establishing an exchange agreement based in sovereign energetics, that valued all of my resources – not just my time – was a big process. I’m not sure we got it completely correct, but I lived a process that was pretty cutting edge in that I advocated to get paid for feminine resources that our economic system historically overlooked. I look forward to helping other women and organizations in these kinds of fair-exchange conversations in future consulting work. 

Last week, I walked into the empty house on the property that my son and I would be moving into the next day. I wanted to do a deep energy clearing that I’d learned from Sarah Thomas years ago to purify the space for us. I did some work outside the house, too, to let the Spirits of the Land know that we intend to be in right-relationship with them. 

On the counter inside the kitchen was a freshly baked coffee cake from a woman who lives here, and a bouquet of flowers picked from the farm. I was greeted by two coworkers with hugs and celebration, and a fancy little note in the flowers said, “Welcome.” 

I’m writing this in my new dimly lit bedroom, two cats on the bed and a dog asleep on the floor, listening to the first rainstorm I’ve heard here. I live at the bottom of a spillway that looks like a waterfall, at the bottom of a lake, and I’ve heard that as the surface area of the lake collects extra water, the amount coming over the waterfall which is essentially in my front yard can become quite…. powerful. Flowing, forceful water, collecting in front of my home – so many feminine metaphors exist in this place.  

In Heartland, “saturation” is a frequency of the regenerative feminine. So is “pooling.” Saturation is when the particles of matter all become encoded with the connectivity of water, allowing for a transmission of regenerative current to spread through everything. Pooling is when resources collect and when a woman doesn’t have to keep moving in order to keep receiving, rather, she slows and allows her resources to pool – counter to patriarchal notions that tell her she must always be productive. 

I’m living at the bottom of the lake, where an abundant waterfall of water spills, slides over huge rocks, and pools in front of my deck. 

I am listening for Her messages. I am listening to this land. 

Less than a year after I set the intention, I am living in community. Not too hippy, not too idealistic. We’re building solutions for regenerative economics and each contributor’s resources will amplify. I get to bring my wisdom and energetics to this place. A few weeks ago, I lead five coworkers in an Earth-energy healing around a big Grandmother tree.  She showed me the vision the night before, how to involve the core team, and each step of the process. I invited them that morning, they came, we laid roses and co-created a land clearing. My 72 year old male “boss” included. 

So, it’s pretty cool. I’m grateful. My son gets here on Wednesday and he’ll have a summer job here this summer. People are asking about him and looking out for us both. As a single woman, responsible for parenting and the economic responsibilities of my family, I was tired of being a one-woman-show. I was tired of fierce entrepreneurship and fierce independence – ready instead for a little interdependence, a little more recognition of what we all need and require… belonging. 

Thanks for reading my update. This was Part I. I’ll send more soon. 

PS: My work isn’t going away. In fact, that’s kind of the point to repositioning my life in this way. It’s like I made an inner-masculine decision to put more stability in place in my life, as a woman and a parent, so that my life’s true work can come through. And I moved to a place where the point of the community is for each person’s true work to come through. 

Heartland 2023 is coming. Heartland is the place of the Regenerative Feminine. Join the waitlist HERE:

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  1. Oh, Sarah! This is wonderful. I think of you often, our little mini session was so healing and I only wish I had been able to invest more fully in myself at that time. This sounds like a dream, and I am so happy for you!

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