Part V: A priestess gets a sanctuary.

The part of me that still wants to hide under a rock was really unable to deny the level of miracle of the following. 

So, it was about mid 2022 when I knew that my LLC would become a Ministry, and began to make the logistical shifts. 

Then, it was February of 2023 when my soul distinctly instructed me to join a Mystery School and become ordained. Wow, okay, an ordained priestess with a ministry. Um, okay. This was not the ego that decided this. It was always in motion, in these years of “Sacred Remembering” and teaching women to take back their sovereign source connection from a separation message from church, etc, that said God was outside of her and only accessible through men and certain permissions. 

Sacred Remembering was always a new kind of church. 

So then I take on this work and am moving to a community that is focused on regenerative ethics, I’m thinking about the Regenerative Feminine all the time, and the land here is teaching me things, and then…. 

they put in my care a Sanctuary. 

They gave me the role of renting the retreat space, more accurately, which involves a big gorgeous Sanctuary. And, I am able to utilize it as well.

Remember, I told you in Part 1 I’ve done land channelings and energy work with the man who owns the property. I said to him in a text, “You know, following my soul to establish a ministry, then become ordained, now you give me a Sanctuary – this sacred life is pretty cool.” 

He responded with, “I’ve seen a vision of you there in almond colored robes.” 

I’m still curious about what the almond colored robes are about, as I have no plans for that. For now, I’m staying curious. 

I’m saying yes. Not to the robes just yet, but to the ALL that is transpiring. To the life that is orchestrating itself on my behalf – the life I’m ready now more than ever to co-create with. I am saying Yes to my Sacred Path, now. Again. I am saying Yes to Devotion.

On 5/5 my intuition told me to write a five part update. I think I’ve done that and as I approach the end I wonder if I’ve covered it – what Spirit had intended in having me do this. 

I don’t know. I won’t. That’s the thing. My job right now is not to know every answer or every right move. It is not to anxiously try to produce or manifest all that I (ego) ever desired. 

My life is energetically wider. The ground of my feminine is more fertile. This is what happens when the feminine continues to heal from patriarchy and feel more safe, and more secure in her resources. She widens and deepens, like loose, rich, deeply plowed soil. She is fecund. She is ready for life to Seed her. I feel the width of energetic space that I’ve not yet felt before. Something doesn’t have to fill it today. Fecundity is a yummy and regenerative thing. It is mine to allow life to happen through me now, as the forest does, as the soil does, as the womb does. 

Ah, fuck. Spirit is telling me to tell you what I want now. Hmm…. the woman can serve, but can the woman desire??? Yes. Here it is.

I want partnership in the physical realm that is the true double-union connecting to the God realm. 

I want Heartland to get published. 

I want to turn my various teachings and memoir stories into books – some of which are already mostly drafted. 

I want stability and goodness for my son as he enters high school next year and for the next four years. 

I want community – here where I live, the global community we’re creating, and Sacred Remembering Community. 

I want to see you in this Sanctuary, I want to show up there and be a channel.  

I want to live in the Heartland, and I want to invite you in, too. 

Thanks for reading. It was fun to write this and to share it with you. And always, I hope to connect with you further, more deeply, very soon. 

Join the Sacred Remembering Community HERE, for modern women, waking up to the Unified Truth of who they are.

Join the Heartland waitlist HERE for women wanting to step into the 5D timeline of Regenerative Feminine, free of patriarchal imprints.

See you there!!

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